Analytics & Data Science

Data is everywhere. Data is growing faster than ever, either structured or unstructured. The ability of extracting insights from Data is the challenge that moves us.
We deliver the Insights you need.

Data Strategy

The Alignment of Business Strategy with Data and Analytics Strategy is vital to success. Companies must be committed with this objective. This is our vision and our mission is to help organisations achieve it.
Ask us how.


Mobility is a key element for Business Productivity. Smartphones and tablets are part of our lives. Not only your teams need to access information everywhere, but also your business processes need mobility.
We bring Mobility to your Business.

Corporate Performance Management

Align corporate strategy with the execution of operations to bring about improved cash flow and budget control. Produce timely and accurate information while increasing standardisation and automation of processes.

Marketing Automation

Understand which marketing initiatives work and which don’t. Optimize target selection and improve campaigns uplift.
We give you the best insights on Marketing effectiveness and automate processes, releasing valuable time from your teams.

Business Solutions

If you can't find a Business Solution that fits your needs, or if existing solutions don't match your business, we can make it.
Explore our Solutions Portfolio and challenge us!

Big Data & Management

Big Data brought different challenges to Data Administration and Governance, but still, it's Data. Data Management has to consider all these challenges of structured and unstructured, masking, volumes, governance and latencies.
We make Data Management simple.

Location Intelligence

Location Data is a growing component in Business Data. GPS and IOT are proliferating, and the geographic relations hidden in data add a great value to Business.
We take the value of Location Intelligence and Geospatial Analysis to Business Users.

Near You

To answer market demands, Pluto Analytics also delivers services performed in neighboring regions rather than in customer location. Proximity makes travel and communications faster and less expensive.
With this nearshore approach, customers can reduce costs and operate more efficiently.
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